Princess Diana’s Outfits & Fashion Recreated on The Crown in Side-by-Side Photos

Princess Diana’s highly-anticipated debut on The Crown changed the show in a major way—and by major way, we mean the fashion. Seasons four and five bring the royal’s legendary sense of style to the small screen, treating fans to many reimagined versions of her most iconic real-life looks. From her fascinators to her pearl earrings, the wardrobe department replicated her outfits down to even the smallest of details.

But the hair and makeup departments also deserve credit for transforming the actresses—Emma Corrin in season four and Elizabeth Debicki in season five—into Lady Di. Here, take a look at some amazing side-by-side photos of Princess Diana’s looks in The Crown vs. in real life. In some cases, it’s almost difficult to tell the difference between the two!


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In the early ’80s, Lady Di was all about high collars. She often wore her blouses buttoned up to the neck, as seen in this perfectly-replicated look in season four.

This iconic wardrobe piece—known as her “Balmoral sweater” after she was photographed wearing it at the Scottish estate—is classic Diana. Actress Emma Corrin wore a nearly-identical colorful jumper in season four.

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A pair of pale yellow overalls created another big style moment for the Princess in the ’80s. While The Crown showed Diana wearing the look when she reconnected with Prince Charles, in real life she wore them after they were already together.

These two outfits are so similar, it’s hard to spot any differences at all. Diana bought the blue and white look she wore to her engagement announcement at Harrods department store.

For her wedding rehearsal, Diana wore a stylish floral frock. The Crown recreated the look to a T—from the high collar to the ruffled front closure.

The wardrobe department tried to make Diana’s iconic wedding dress look as similar to the real one as possible. Corrin told British Vogue the original designers, the Emanuels, even gave the show their patterns to help recreate the look.

Another early ’80s trend Princess Di participated in: the Peter Pan collar. While the show’s version is a bit pointier, both display the royal’s elegant taste.

While a little different—a.k.a. more glitter and bigger accessories—it’s clear this red dress from the show was inspired by the one Di wore to a charity gala at London’s Royal Opera House.

Many of Diana’s most memorable outfits feature plaid. Although different colors, these two button-down, high-neck tartan dresses have a similar style.

Lady Di’s pink Donald Campbell dress and John Boyd hat resulted in one of her most iconic looks from her and Prince Charles’s 1983 Australian tour. The show opted for black polka dots instead of white.

When the royal couple traveled to Australia’s Ayers Rock in 1983—both in the show and real life—they wore light fabrics and neutral colors.

Once again, the royal wore a Donald Campbell dress and John Boyd hat to an engagement on her Australian tour. This time, it was a belted blue and white number—which Corrin wore sans hat.

Princess Diana famously sported a large white collar, while playing with a baby Prince William during a photo op in Australia. The Crown got every detail of this look correct, right down to her accessories.

What’s a trip to Australia without hitting the beach? Later during the same tour, Diana wore a sunny yellow dress to the Central Coast Surf Carnival at Terrigal Beach, where she met some lifeguards.

Princess Diana wore a chic blue ensemble to meet New Zealand’s then-Prime Minister Bob Hawke. The look was one of the most identical recreations in all of season 4.

Another fashion moment fans might instantly recognize is this teal ruffled ball gown. Fun fact: The Crown showed Diana wear the look in Australia, but the real Princess wore it in Canada.

The royal—and Corrin, for that matter—stayed warm in the ’80s in a trendy forest green Barbour jacket.

The Crown couldn’t introduce Princess Diana without showcasing the one-of-a-kind Spencer Tiara. After all, the royal wore it to many occasions over the years.

The similarities between these pink outfits are nothing short of stunning. To this day, these gingham pants and matching sweater remain one of Diana’s most unforgettable looks.

While not exact by any means, it’s clear this season four style was inspired by the Catherine Walker gown Diana wore to the Cannes Film Festival in 1987. The strapless dress and matching scarf are unmistakeable.

Ruched, one shoulder, full skirt, drop waist—the similarities between these two looks are endless. Di often wore asymmetrical gowns, so it’s no surprise the show’s wardrobe team included the style.

At the very end of season four, fans were treated to this gorgeous take on Diana’s Victor Edelstein gown and jacket. The royal wore it to the opera in New York City.

Even sans hat, Corrin’s bubblegum pink suit is clearly taken from Diana’s trip to Kuwait in 1989. Look closer, and you’ll also notice her pearl earrings are an exact match.

This retro swimsuit was worn by Diana during a family trip to Necker Island with her boys. The Crown found a similar one-piece and sunglasses to bring the look to life on the show, as seen on actress Elizabeth Debicki.

Season five drew inspiration from the Moschino suit and Philip Somerville hat Princess Diana wore in Canada. Even though the colors are different, it’s the hats—with the same thick ribbon and netting—that give it away.

The Bellville Sassoon dress Diana wore in Spain features the bold colors her trendsetting wardrobe was known for. While not quite as bright, the show’s floral interpretation is just as stunning.

Speaking of bright choices, Lady Di’s love of red didn’t go unnoticed throughout the years. Many of her outfits incorporated the color, including this coat with a black collar and gold buttons.

The Crown also incorporated Diana’s casual side in season five. Here, she sports the same red puffer jacket and navy baseball cap the royal wore in real life while on a skiing getaway in Austria.

Royal fans already know about the “revenge dress,” so of course it was a highlight of season 5. Debicki felt “pressure” wearing such a monumental outfit. “I let the fittings happen around me while I thought about what the dress meant,” she told British Vogue.

Diana’s 1995 interview with the BBC’s Martin Bashir was another critical moment in her life—it’s when she famously said “there were three of us in this marriage” when talking about Prince Charles’s reported infidelity. An investigation later found the journalist “deceived” her into giving the controversial interview, for which she wore a simple black blazer.

For Prince William’s first day at Eton College, the royal sported a blue blazer. She kept the rest of her look simple with a thin belt, plain black shirt, and minimal jewelry.

In another huge style moment, the show nailed the halter gown Diana wore to a Vanity Fair dinner at London’s Serpentine Gallery. Even the drop pearl earrings are nearly identical!

Though Debicki isn’t wearing Diana’s statement necklace, this moment from season five was clearly inspired by the trendy look Diana wore to a performance of Swan Lake at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

Princess Diana wore this lilac suit to Washington D.C. for a meeting with the American Red Cross. The Crown‘s wardrobe department got everything from the curves on her collar to her pearl accessories right.

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